And the new era is HipHop/RnB.

Dj Drama Feat Akon, Snoop Dog, T.I - Daydreaming Rmx.
Shawty LO Feat Trey Songs & Lil Wayne - The Supplier.
Ron Brows Feat Jim Jones - Pop Champange.
Keri Hilson Feat Lil Wayne - Turning me on.
Jazmine Sullivan - Lions & Tigers & Bears.
Yung L.A Feat Young Dro & T.I - Aint I Rmx.
Keyisha Cole - Sent from heaven.
Trey Songs - Wonder woman.
Attitude - Blow ya back out.
Trey Songs - In yah phone.
Mims - Move if you wanna.
Mike Jones - Next to you.
Fat Joe Feat Akon - One.

1. Souljah Boy Feat Pitbull & Sammie - Kiss me thru the phone Rmx.

"And every time I see ya, my feelings get deeper. I miss ya and I really wanna kiss you but I can´t. Baby you know that i miss you, I wanna get with you tonight but I can´t and that´s the issue. I just wanna kiss you but I can´t right now so kiss me thru the phone, I´ll see you later on."

2. Jennifer Hudson - If this isn´t love.

"... listens to me, cares for me so I truely believe. The kind of love that fits right like a glove. If this isn't love tell me what is, cause I never felt like this baby "

3. Maino Feat T-Pain - All the above.

"Until the day that I die, I will wave hi to the haters - mad that I finally done made it. Take a look and you can tell, that I´m destined for greatness. The struggle is nothing but love, I´m a soldier, I´m a rider. I´m all the above.
Just start dancing and shine in the love!"

4. Brandy - Long distance.

"There's only so many songs that I can sing to pass the time and I'm running out of things to do to get you off my mind. All I have is this picture in a frame, that I hold close to see your face everyday. With you is where I'd rather be!"

5. J Holiday - It´s Yours.

"How I feel -  Love is real!
Now that I can never get enough. The more I get the more I want. Touch me baby, I just love to do  ... Grab my body baby and hold my heart. It is yours in every way. You got me baby, so addicted to you. How I ain't never been here before!"


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