Twisted Transistor

"Hey you! Hey you!
Devil's little sister ... listening to your twisted transistor. Hold it between your legs and turn it up!
The wind is coming through and I can't get enough ... A lonely life where no one understands you, but don't give up because the music do!
It is reaching inside you and will be forever preaching.

"Fuck you too!"

Your screams and then it comes a whisper - hang on you my twisted transistor.
Finally you get it!
The world ain't fair it will eat you if you let it to and as your tears fall on - Your breasts, your dress. Vibrations coming through and of a sudden you're in a mess ..."

KoRn - Twisted Transistor.

Pumpar all möjligt skit musik nu för att få upp agget,
jävlar, idag ska de ändå köra ner i diket!


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