Min gamla hårddisk är virusscannad och inkopplad i min nya. Och fan vad mycket go musik jag hittade.
Tänkte ge er min favorit genres 10 topp lista.

Akustik top 10:

1. Karl Martin Dahl - Walk away
2. Kane - Cane you Handle me
3. Fenrik Lane - Weddings off
4. Nicola Sarcevis - Nobody without you
5. Elin Sigvardsson - You get what you earn
6. Fenrik Lane - No excuse
7. Kurt Nilsen - Come down here (mitt favotit stycke på denna låt medföljer nedanför!)
8. Nicola Sarcevis - My aim is you
9. MatchBox - Hand me down
10. Fenrik Lane - Free ever after

" Come down here and hold my hand ... I will always be your friend!
Come down here and keep your beautiful smile when you think of me once in a while.
Come down here and don't you ever be sad ... Sure all the good things come to an end. But feel the fire bright and warm. It´s just like the place we grew up on ... She's delighted and could never hide it.
It reminds me how well she knows me!


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